A Letter to Our Heroes

Dear, Bildad Kaggia, Kungu Karumba, Achieng’ Oneko, Paul Ngei, Fred Kubai and Jomo Kenyatta…Dedan Kimathi, Gautama Pinto, JD Kali, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga..and the countless, nameless, faceless others who gave their all for this nation that we may never know.

I want to salute you today.

To the men and women who were at the vanguard of fighting for our country, praying for our nation and hoping and dreaming for our land-I honour you.

I memorialise you today because in spite of all your flaws, weaknesses, personal needs and fears, you rose to the occasion and made a sacrifice so that we could live in some measure of honour, dignity and freedom.

I promise that I will do better to give to future generations a better Kenya.

I will inspire, challenge and work to make our nation a better place.

I will ignore the negative force that has so firmly grasped the legs of our generation and entrenched us in negativity and cynicism and I will pursue a better tomorrow.

I will teach my children to do right, to see the good in others, to always hope and always believe.

I will say to all around me that even when people wilfully do wrong, don’t give up on them.

I will remind them of you -You were all true heroes, and thank you for your sacrifice.

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