Music Profile

Few artists these days last long enough for us to remember their last hit. Even fewer have the capacity to influence both Gospel & secular music without losing their faith or identity. Far fewer can hold their own on both the local stage & international platforms.

Pete Odera is one such artist.

Having recently come from a successful US tour which saw him perform in concerts in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Campus Harvest in Durham, North Carolina and on Trinity Broadcasting Networks’ Praise the Lord programme.

Pete has not stopped working and has been busy with being a judge on Exodus to Stardom the Gospel music talent show on KBC TV at the same time producing the music for his new production. For the last 20 years he has consistently created great music & developed the contemporary Gospel music genre & still remains relevant to date.

With this in mind Pete celebrated his 20th anniversary in music. He feels it is critical to communicate to the next generation where the great music & inspiration came from. At the same time Pete Odera acknowledges that there are changing trends and times and brings us some refreshing new music.

His most recent concert held in the spectacular Brookhouse Theatre on October was refreshingly entertaining and at the same time uplifting. Situated off Langata road right next to the ultra modern Galleria Mall, the Brookhouse theatre has previously hosted the Twakutukuza Concert, the Can You Dance competition and the National Presidential debates as well as various other top notch productions.

The concert featured Pastor Pete along with Tabernacle of Praise-a chorale whose singing left the audience feeling inspired.

The chorale was backed by Hidden-Pete’s band with guest musicians from DRC, Burundi & Kenya.

The concert was close to two hours of the great music Pete has been known for taking us on a musical journey through time and around various musical styles prevalent on the continent.