“Potato Fallen!”

From day one this kid was curious and playful.
Ariel, my first born, was peeping from underneath her blanket at the hospital when she was brought round trying to see who these familiar voices were.
She would literally try and jump out of her baby basket to join everyone else who seemed to be having fun while she was put to bed.

One day we thought we’d put her to sleep and sat talking in the living room.
Suddenly the door started opening on its own bit by bit.
We were all in shock.
From behind the door this smiling baby who could barely crawl peeped her head.
We all burst out in laughter.

She started talking early and one of the first things she said wasn’t “daddy” or “mummy”.
It was “flower”.
She said it in her own baby way but she said it.
She also said funny things like “moom” for “moon”.
She would say “a smilin” when she wanted to say “I’m smiling” as she posed for the camera.
She would dance to her Mom’s ringtone when she could barely walk.
One event though stands out:
She must have been almost two and she was alone in the kitchen-very quiet.
She had found her way there and was on the floor playing with the basket of potatoes.
The potatoes were strewn all over the floor and she was happily having a great time by herself.
We were a bit puzzled because we couldn’t seem to find her.
Then we heard a rustling in the kitchen and lo and behold-there was this child looking up from this mess.
She tried to explain…”potato fallen!”
We all burst out laughing because we knew what had actually happened.

Today that child turns 13.
I can’t believe it!
Where did the time go?
She and her sister were working in my office this week when she made me a sandwich, laid it on a plate brought it to me.
Then when I was out drew a hand print and added a love note to her dad which I found the next day on my desk.
She was one of the best in her English class last term.
She is a selfless completely loving teenager who is rarely ever grumpy or sad.
Her smile lights up her incredibly beautiful face and I wonder what I ever did to deserve such a precious gift.
She will be a model and already made the cover of “Young Drum” magazine.
I am so proud of her and want to be the first to say “Happy Birthday” Ari-Ari.

The potatoes surely have fallen!


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