A Few Good Men

Yesterday I had a very interesting day.
My wife came to my office because she had just bought herself a brand new laptop.
It was nice to have her around for the day as we tried to help her set it up to her liking.

But a very interesting thing happened: a flood of young single men began to walk into my office.
James Njugi our tech guru was on hand to walk her through all this.
The reason I like him is because, unlike many other techies I’ve worked with over the years, he doesn’t assume you know tech-speak.
He will fix your computer-Mac or PC.
He will look for the best option for you and tell you in a very level voice.
He is extremely patient and doesn’t make a fuss about his success and paying him is a complete joy!

In walks Francis Muthiga-CEO of Vazi Langu, a clothing design business he started.
Francis is a great guy, easy going, a good designer who left a career in accountancy to follow his dream-fashion design.
But Francis is also a surgical prayer warrior! 
I feel safe with a man like this covering me-both with his designs and his prayers.

Nicholas Kamau Kahuro (the 3rd) is an accountant with a wonderful heart.
He first came to the Waterbrook seriously hung over one Sunday afternoon.
What a difference a few years can make.
So now he’s taking our accounts apart and designing a financial strategy for us for the next few years.

When I say Albert Minja is a GQ model, I am not exaggerating.
He has modeled a bit but what touches me is his absolute honesty and self effacing manner.
He writes floetry ( poetry that has a rap slant to it) and graduated from Kenya’s top liberal arts university a while ago.

Then in walked the super resourceful and incredibly talented Ludenyo brothers Michael & Morris.
I had a rather frustrating problem with transferring contacts from my old Nokia 9300i to my address book and had spent almost two days trying to make this happen.
Morris walks in, offers to help and a couple of hours later-bam!
It is done.
His training is in the medical field.
His brother Michael is one of the most dedicated men I know.
He sings, fixes anything, plays multiple instruments, runs his own business while being employed in another!
They are both incredibly humble and such gentlemen.
They both went to school in Uganda.

Then in bounces Martin Njuguna.
He is one of the handful of mining engineers in the country.
Every time we have a meeting and I give him an instruction or advice, he follows it and gives me a report later on how it went-no matter how small or insignificant it is.
He is willing to sleep on the floor, rough it in the bush even though he went to some of the finer schools in our country.
He is militant about holiness and prayer.
What a soldier.

Last but certainly by no means the least, in walks Dennis Nzuki-aka X-po.
He is a man of God on fire!
He is analytical, has a quirky sense of humour, is a musician and a communications graduate of the top Christian University in the country.

Now this is very interesting indeed.
I could go on but I’ll stop here.
I hear the whining of women in our city saying all sorts of things from “all men are dogs” to “there are no good men”.

All these men in my view are good men.
The women who will call them “my darling husband” will be very blessed indeed.
These guys are by no means perfect, have certainly got weaknesses but as long as I’ve known them, they have striven to fight the good fight and be an example of Christian virtue, loyalty and enterprise.

I think if you’re looking for “crabs”, “dogs”, “dead-beat dads” etc, you will find them everywhere.
But diamonds are rare-especially if you can’t see them while they are in the rough.
These great specimens of the male gender are a gift to me.

I am a very proud father of some deadly weapons of mass construction.

One thought on “A Few Good Men

  1. Can i have a number or two of the men? Lol. Yes, I do believe there are good men out there, but just like women they got standards and if we are patient and prayerful, God will definitely lead our paths to the good ones. But also, the question is: are women as good as they want their men to be?
    Thanks for this. 🙂

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