My Beef With The Media (Part 1)

I have been watching with increasing disgust the ridiculous lack of creativity in the media.
The news is especially appalling.
The trouble for me is that as a society we ridicule moral rectitude and give airtime & make heroes out of perveyors of immorality.
Our media is becoming a freak show with one channel trying to out-shock the other all in the name of reporting what is “really happening out there”.
Were there no real heroes who saved a life today or made a difference?
Pauline Waweru who struggles everyday to feed & educate over 100 kids on her own at Garden of Hope in Ngong town.
Mutua Matheka a young photographer who captures our Nairobi cityscape in amazing ways.
Doris Mayoli-a woman who battled breast cancer and won and is now trying to save others the agony of expensive treatment and started Twakutukuza Trust…To name a few.
Kenya has true heroic stories…come on media fraternity-isn’t this why you went to journalism school?
Save us the drama!…(and the Mexican & Philipino tele novellas ad nauseaum…please!)

2 thoughts on “My Beef With The Media (Part 1)

  1. they say “when Dog bites man, that is no story, BUT when man bites dog, that is a story”… this is twisted BUT we are partly to blame because they give us what we want to watch.. Sad so sad

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